[Chronique] [EN] To love and be loved ! – par Fatine Sakah

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Fatine Sakah, 14/02/2024.

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Transcription of the chronicle :

As I reflect on love, I find myself drawn to the everyday moments that often go unnoticed. I realise that love is not just about grand gestures or passionate embraces, but the simple acts of kindness and understanding that define love in its truest form.

Love is found in the laughter shared with a friend, in the comforting presence of family, and in the warmth of a partner’s embrace. It is found in waking up in the arms of a lover, or the smell of the cooking of my mother, or alone with a peace of mind and no bother. I often dream about a « give and take » kind of love. A selfless and unconditional love that thrives on mutual respect and understanding. A bond built on trust and the belief that what you give will be reciprocated in its purest form.

Indeed, thinking about love leads me to a state of reminiscing about the little moments I had with past lovers and what impact it might have had on me. I also keep thinking about potential lovers I could or could have had in my life. How would it end if that one thing did not happen? How would my life be if feelings never weakened? And what good I would have gained from enduring the pain with someone? I’ll never know, I guess. And maybe that’s good!

But for once, I don’t want to think about romantic forms of love, highschool lovers and prince charmings and all of that. That, we know very well! We forget about the little things in life. The little forms of love that go unseen on a daily basis. They exist within us and around us yet we so sadly don’t pay them any attention. We belittle them and their impact on our wellbeing.

In this fast-paced world, it’s easy to overlook the significance of these small acts of love. We often get caught up in the grand narratives of romance, but it’s the everyday love that sustains us. It’s the quiet moments of companionship, the shared glances that speak volumes, and the unwavering support that truly enriches our lives. It is that short termed calm we get as soon as we wake up, it is that beam of sunshine on a sunday morning, it is the two butterflies that cross your path on the way to work, it is the small acts of kindness you decide to do such as giving your seat to the old lady on the bus or the little smile we make to each other when we cross eyes.

As I continue to live this life, I am reminded of the countless ways love manifests itself into me. It’s in the selfless devotion of a parent, the loyalty of a pet, and the genuine connections we forge with others. It is listening to the radio such as Radio Campus Orléans or watching your comfort show at the end of the day. Love is getting a text message from your long distance friends when you least expect it. Love is also forgiveness. Forgiving ourselves for the wasted opportunities, the wasted time when you should’ve done something productive, and the wasted relationship you thought was going so well but the universe had a different plan for you. 

Love is so many things and I’m sure you can think of so much more. Love is not confined to a single definition or expression; it is as diverse and multifaceted as the individuals who experience it. You are love and love is you. It has existed since the dawn of man. From the passionate embraces of ancient Greece to the modern complexities of psychological theory, the story of love is a chronicle of the human experience. 

With a journey beginning in ancient Greece, love was not a singular concept but a tapestry of emotions. The Eros, the fiery passion that ignites between lovers. The Philia, the deep bonds of friendship and camaraderie. Then the Agape, the selfless and unconditional love that transcended the self, and the Storge, the gentle affection found within families. All of this unravelled complex human relationships with each other and with the self: intimacy, passion and commitment writing the stories of our lives. From the concept of « Kama » encompassing sensual pleasure and emotional fulfilment, reflecting holistic views of human desire and connection. To now, love continues to evolve. And continues to take over my thoughts.

But it is not a bad thing to dream about love, to lean on its magical walls. It is a testament to the depth and diversity of your human experience. It is a story that has been told through art, literature, philosophy and through you. It is the endless quest to understand and celebrate a fundamental that shapes our lives. So let this valentine’s day be not only about romantic love and fairytales that a lot of us might never experience, but also about the enduring power of love in all its forms.

The recognition of self-love as a vital component of well-being, and the enduring importance of familial and altruistic love in an interconnected world. Let this be a celebration of the resilience and beauty found in the everyday acts of love that often go unnoticed. As we navigate through life, may we take the time to recognize and appreciate these moments, for they are the truest reflections of love’s profound impact on our live.

Happy Valentine’s day!