Celebrated by Strangers, Catholic Action

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Have you heard of the band Catholic Action yet? If not, let me tell you about them because they just released their new album: Celebrated by Strangers on Palo Santo Records which came out March 27, following their previous album: In Memory Of, released in 2017.

So… just for some background information. They are a band of four, composed of songwriter, singer and producer Chris McCrory, Ryan Clark, Jamie Dubber, and Andrew Macpherson. They are based in Glasgow, a city that keeps proving that it is filled with many growing musical talents. The band was influenced by artists such as Fripp & Eno, Talking Heads among many others.

This rock band is the kind of rock band that loves to experiment, they manage to go from fuzzy, trippy garage rock to a more pop sound without it being shocking. Plus, they will easily make you want to move in your living room, believe me!

What is so great about their music is that it is both accessible yet very structured and full of depth. You can find happier pop notes mixed with darker ones. Here is what the lead singer had to say: « We’ve made a record that embraces the negatives – both from a musical and social/political standpoint – sees the humour in them and ultimately turns them into something positive; be that a better outlook, or progressive political action. »

People who have loved their sound on the previous album will not be disappointed with this new one, although they did add layers of synths as well as other electro gadgets which makes the whole listening experience more exciting!

The band has a lot to talk about in this album, wether it be their feelings about the state, the current political climate and so on. There is also a lot of cohesion in this album. While the first song Grange Hell is definitely more garage and harsh, it in no way, sounds inappropriate or as if it should not be in the album. I definitely recommend checking out their album!

Here are three of my favorites.