GREMLINZ PAIE SA PLAYLIST ! -T’en veux c’est de la Bonne 21-22.32 -25 AVRIL

MIDLAKE: Exile (For the sake of bethel woods; 2022)

BAND OF HORSES: Warning signs (Things are great; 2022)

BOY HARSHER: Autonomy (The runner original soundtrack; 2022)

ACTORS: Obsession (Acts of worship; 2021)

Emilie ZOÉ: Across the border (Hello future me; 2021)

RocKo Is DeAd: The great resignation (The great resignation; 2022)

UNTO OTHERS: When will God’s work be done (Strength; 2021)

HANGMAN’S CHAIR: The pariah and the plague (A loner; 2022)

TRENTMØLLER: Dead or alive (Memoria; 2022)

TRAITRS: Mouth poisons (Horses in the abattoir; 2021)

Johnny MARR: Hideaway girl (Fever dreams; 2022)